Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo

Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo

Competitions take a lot of preparation & determination. This year, three hair & beauty professionals from Toowoomba’s Applebom Hair Beauty & Wellbeing competed in different categories at the Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo, taking away some of the biggest awards & smashing personal goals.

Debbie Schwenderling has slowly been building her confidence with local competition work and decided the next step was to compete live. “Last year was my first experience at the BHBE and I won second place, so the next goal was to compete again this year and strive for first place.”

With a very large crowd watching on, Debbie did just that. “Once I start working on the hair I become very focused. I know I have practiced the technique and timing so I try to remain calm, don't look at the other competitors and just focus on doing my best.” As always, there is an agonising wait for announcements to be made, but Debbie’s focus paid dividends when she was announced 1st Place Winner of the Traditional Upstyling category.

The Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo, only in it’s third year running, has a multitude of opportunities for professionals and students. Having trained as both a hairdresser and more recently, a makeup artist, Courtney Baker contemplated which competition to enter. “I considered doing both the hair and makeup categories but decided to really concentrate on the makeup because I had never done it before.” Courtney, classed as a student in her category, decided Avant Garde would both better suit and challenge her abilities. “It gave me the chance to try some techniques I’d never attempted before.”

Not all entries needed to be done at the expo itself. Shanyn Mesken created her look in the weeks prior, sending in of her submission to the Fantasy Lash Art category. “Being my first time competing I thought this would be a great chance to get a sense of what it’s like to be involved in the competition atmosphere.” Whilst Shanyn did not receive a place this time, she loved the end result. “I have a better idea of my skill set and I know that I will continue to learn from every experience and every competition I open myself up to. I also have a better understanding of what the judges look for in these kinds of competitions.”

BHBE 2017 33 of 38Running over two days, the Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo hosts a large number of competitions across four disciplines. The sheer quantity of creativity from the competitors is mesmerising. The expo also boasts an extensive array of stalls, catering to all areas of the industry.

When asked her thoughts on others getting involved in the event, Courtney replied, “I would recommend anyone giving it a go! It’s a very rewarding feeling looking at your creation and knowing you did all that yourself and being proud of what you’ve achieved. After any competition I always look at what my next comp or goal might be, the competition bug is contagious!”

For more information on next year’s event, keep an eye on the Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo social media pages & website.

- Morgan Smith


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