Fringe Benefits

Fringe Benefits

If you’ve been thinking about having a fringe incorporated into your hairstyle, there really is no better time to take the plunge. There are so many different ways to wear a fringe. Let’s explore the possibilities, see why the fringe is such a great element of a haircut, and some important things to think about before having the chop….

A Fringe Is As Good As A Holiday

Everyone loves a change, and many people change their hair cut or colour at the change of the season. If you are not prepared to try a new colour, or don’t want to chop length off your long hair or have a complete style change.


A fringe can make your hairstyle fresh, youthful and modern.

Fringes can enhance the shape of your cheekbones and jawline and so make your face appear more shapely and chiselled. Fringes are very popular and are considered a modern element in a hairstyle – so in this aspect too they make you fashion forward. We love fringes and how they can transform your look.

“A fringe is a statement that sets the stage for a haircut or a look. If you’re considering a fringe, the fringe then determines what happens with the rest of the hairstyle”

2A fringe can be:

  • *blunt cut
  • *side swept
  • *uber-short
  • *choppy
  • *textured
  • *softly layered around the sides of your temples and cheeks
  • *be parted on the side or in the middle….the possibilities are endless!

Add edge to your long layers with a blunt cut fringe, or make a structured bob more interesting with an above-brow fringe. Add interest to a short pixie crop with a feathered fringe or play with size and dimension by incorporating a long face framing fringe with a scissor-over-comb crop!

The important thing is to ask your stylist which fringe would best suit your face, hair type and lifestyle for a hairstyle change that will feel completely different and refereshing.

3Tailor-Made Fringe

There are some important things to consider when deciding to have a fringe, and then deciding on the style of fringe that will best suit you.4

“A Fringe creates and sets-off a haircut; if the fringe is wrong so is the rest of your haircut”.

When opting for a fringe:

  • Be prepared to spend some time styling your hair. Unless you have pin straight hair, most fringes would benefit from blowdrying to style correctly.
  • Is your hair type suitable to carry-off the fringe you desire? For example, curly hair will often make having a fringe difficult. Think about how your fringe will sit if the haircut is not blow dryed and styled.
  • Choose the right hairdresser. Make sure if you’re having a fringe for the first time to have a thorough consultation with your stylist. Bring photos with you to your appointment with the looks and lengths you like and discuss every aspect of how it will look on you.

Growing Out A Fringe

If you decide to grow out your fringe you shouldn’t feel like you are going to compromise your overall hairstyle during that time.

Fringes should not be hard to grow out, and its easiest to do when your hairdresser knows you want to do this. The work thing you can do is not visit your hairdresser and use clips or pins to keep the fringe out of your face! Our clients who keep to their scheduled appointments find that growing out their fringes easy. Our stylists are able to reshape the fringe and change the look of the haircut to minimise any ‘re-growing’ pains! No matter how long your hair is, most people will have some shape in the front of their haircut into which the fringe can be blended. So that is where you will see a change and variation in the haircut.

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