What Eva Longoria Won’t Tell You About Box Color

Doesn’t she look beautiful advertising L’Oreal’s Excellence To Go box color? Reportedly, Eva signed a deal for $1.5 million to hawk the brand.

And she’s in good company. Both Gwen Stefani and Beyonce have both signed on with L’Oreal to promote the line. But the big question is this: Do you really believe it?

Please remember that before you’re tempted to pay $8 to the L’Oreal Empire. These smart celebrity women made a business deal. That’s all. Sadly, they sold out the rest of us.

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When To Skip Foiling And Go For Balayage!

If you love that sun-kissed look with your hair, you’re not alone. A ton of celebrities love it, too. Jennifer Aniston is the most famous poster child for beachy, sun-kissed hair.

There’s a big reason this look has so many of our clients, not just celebrities, hooked. It’s so natural looking! The technique used to achieve this look is called balayage, and it means to sweep.

With foiling, we take a 4-5 inch section of your hair and highlight it. This technique is great when you want to lighten larger areas of your hair.

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WATCH: How to master winged eyeliner at home

How to apply Winged Liner with precision for fabulous feline flicks!

It’s tutorial time! You ask and we deliver – winged eyeliner is the #1 most requested how-to topic on all our social media channels! We’ve demystified the tricky technique in this new video, so that you can master the look at home!

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