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Ketogenic Rapid Weight Loss And Detox

Welcome to Ultra Lite, a naturopathic weight loss and detox program that works with your body for fast, safe, healthy fat loss and dramatic results.

You are what you eat - and your beauty depends on it - so we believe that one of the most important things we can help out clients with is their diet, not just for healthy weight, but for beautiful skin, a strong body and emotional wellbeing.

Administered by our nutritionist and Certified Ultra Lite Practitioner.

About Ultra Lite Weight Loss & Detox

Ultra Lite is a 5-week program for those wishing to lose body fat, reduce cellulite, improve health and energy and lose up to 10kgs safely and quickly.

Throughout the program, you receive professional products and qualified support from out educated Ultra Lite team.
It is a naturopathic monitored diet that stimulates the body to burn stored fats, balances blood sugars and hormones to minimise cravings, and detoxifies the body to enhance vitality, improve digestions and clear up the skin. 

How It Works

The program is based on the ketogenic system, Dietary Ketosis works when you are eating a balance of protein and carbohydrate foods which encourages your body to burn stored fats as your energy source. You are eating 3 balanced meals a day that are real, wholesome and natural.

Choose from over 100 different recipes in the Ultra Lite Program Manual and Recipe Book or learn what to order when eating out. To minimise cravings in between meals we also supply you with nutrinional sachets that provide vital vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

You'll receive education about food groups, personal portions sizes and metabolism stimulation that make maintaining your goal weight even cashier.

Ultra Lite is the Perfectly Balanced Program that Works
  • Nutritionally sound
  • Flexibility of food choice
  • Appetite satisfaction (no cravings or hunger)
  • Easy to stick to
  • Quick results that are worthy of celebrating
  • Long term health benefits (aside from weight loss itself)
  • Feeling of wellness and vitality while on the program
  • Educational and life transforming
  • Support and supervision for effective results
  • Safe and affordable

By training your body to burn fat (ketosis) through the Ultra Lite program, you'll not only have a lot more energy, but you'll also be leaner and lighter in just weeks.


Guided by our certified practitioner
5 week program $600

Includes all
Consultations • Materials • Supplements• Tools • Weekly Weigh-ins

Salon Pay/Afterpay money available

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