Ultra Lite - Keto Weight Loss program

Ultra Lite - 3 Week Detox

An easy, simple program to get you started on your health and fitness journey. Curbs your appetite and dealing with sweet cravings, caffeine and you won’t be left feeling hungry.

Are you fed up of being sick and tired?  Worried about your health? Or have a special event coming up and want to look great? 

This program is designed to help you with the following issues: 

Detox | Weight loss | Energise | Well Being | Health

Designed by Ultra Lite Naturopaths based on sound nutritional principles

Step 1 – Cleansing internal organs such as liver, kidney and bowel.

Step 2 – Introduction of further vitamins, minerals, amino acids (proteins), assisting the body to stabilise blood sugar levels.

Step 3 – Balancing carbohydrates and proteins to aid in fat burning.  

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Ultralite vegetables and tomatoes with a tape measure
Ultra Lite - 3 Week Detox - $425.00
After Pay Payment Plan Available


Flaxseed Oil | Apple Cider Vinegar | Hepatic Liver Detox | Habit Relief | Nutrient Sachets |  Program & Recipe Book | One on one weekly consultations 

If you are just wanting to drop a few kilos or      increase your energy, well this plan is for you!     Contact us today for an obligation free consult . 

Ultra Lite - 5 Week Program

Ultra Lite is a nutritionally sound, easy to follow diet system that will satisfy your appetite & cravings & leave you full of energy to enjoy life – with fast, sustainable weight loss and health improvements.

It is a Ketogenic program that works by eliminating excess carbohydrates from your diet and focusing on delicious healthy, whole foods to change how your body’s natural metabolic processes work. Your body will learn to burn fat to generate energy … rather than relying on carbohydrates and sugar like most people do.

Our weight loss and maintenance programs provide you with all the necessary amounts of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids in correct balance as recommended by the World Health Organisation, so you’ll know that you are taking care of your long term health as well as your weight.

Ultra Lite is the Perfectly Balanced Program That Works

Weight loss programs that have the following elements are proven to be the most successful:

Nutritionally sound | Flexibility of food choice | Appetite satisfaction (no cravings or hunger)

Easy to stick to | Quick results that are worthy of celebrating | Safe and affordable

Long term health benefits (aside from weight loss itself) | Educational and life transforming

Feeling of wellness and vitality while on the program | Support and supervision 

Our program offers all this, and more! By training your body to burn fat (ketosis) through the Ultra Lite program, you’ll not only have a lot more energy, but you’ll also be leaner and lighter in just weeks

You can expect to lose up to 3 kilos in your first week of the Ultra Lite program and up to 1 to 3 kilos per week thereafter. Using our exclusive supplements and the ongoing support you’ll receive from our trained practitioners ensures you get the best results from our programs and will provide you with the knowledge you need for the future.

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Ultralite vegetables and tomatoes with a tape measure
Ultra Lite - 5 Week Program - $670.00
After Pay Payment Plan Available

Choose from over 100 different recipes in the Ultra Lite Program Manual and Recipe Book. Learn what to order when eating out. Nutrinional sachets to minimise cravings & provide vital vitamins & minerals to control blood sugar levels.

Guided by our certified practitioner 
One on one consultations | Materials | Tools   Weekly Weigh-ins | Flaxseed Oil | Apple Cider Vinegar   Hepatic Liver Detox | Habit Relief   Nutrient Sachets |  Program & Recipe Book 

​Ultra Lite - 10 week program

This follows the same basic format, but to make sure you stay on track, we add five review consultations, plus double the amount of nutritional sachets and Ketostix.  This program is also for those that really want to make the Ultra Lite diet part of their ongoing life, and so keep the weight off for good.

Cost: $1045  - After Pay Payment Plan Available

​And don't forget - rebates are available for the program from most health insurance funds.

Health Care Rebates

The Ultra Lite eating program is approved by the private health funds listed below, and you may be entitled to claim a refund. Refunds are subject to change, so please consult your private health fund regarding eligibility and appropriate cover required for claims.

 Australian Unity (also incorporating Grand United) - A 10% discount on programs applies to Australian Unity members. Australian Unity members must present their Membership Card at the commencement of consultation to be eligible for a discount arrangement. Australian Unity will also provide eligible members up to $350 benefit.

CBHS (Commonwealth Bank Health Society) - A 10% discount on programs applies to CBHS Australian Unity members. CBHS members must present their CBHS Membership Card at the commencement of consultation to be eligible for a discount arrangement. Eligible members can claim for up to $100 rebate.

CUA Health Fund - CUA Health pays a benefit to members under their Health Management Programs limit of $100 per annum for a single member or $200 per annum for a family membership for approved health management programs.

HCI (Health Care Insurance Limited) - HCI members with ancillary cover can claim $50 per year per person for the cost of a naturopath weight loss program.

St Lukes Health - St Lukes Health provides a rebate of up to $50 per annum for weight management programs.

Manchester Unity - Manchester Unity will pay benefits for naturopath weight loss programs under the “Keep Fit” component of certain policies. Eligible members can claim up to $200 depending.

MBF including Alliance brands – MBF (including Alliance brands – SGIO, SGIC, NRMA) - MBF members, with appropriate MBF Extras cover, can claim Weight Management under the “Living Well Program”. Customers need to submit their claim by mail for benefits to be paid. Members should check their eligibility with MBF directly on 131 137. Eligible members can claim up to $100.

Medibank Private - Healthy Plus, Smart Plus, Premier Plus or Advantage Plus members may claim for health management programs as part of their package bonus. Members are advised to complete a Health Management Program form which is available from Medibank Private. Members must also be in receipt of a medical practitioner letter stating that the client needs to lose weight for health reasons.

Queensland Teachers Union Health Fund - The Teacher’s Union Health Fund cover weight management programs under the “Health Management Program”, which must be approved by the member’s medical practitioner. Members must meet certain criteria to qualify and should contact Queensland Teachers Union Health Fund to establish eligibility.

Afterpay Payment Plan Available

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