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Our vivid Colour Collection lets you explore colour on a journey that is bold, playful and youthful!

Working with your stylist, for a professional and personalised result, colours can be intermixed to create bold, vivid results or diluted to create the perfect pastel shade. Discover a kaleidoscope of vivid colours that are creating a buzz and excitement with the semi-permanent colour cream ranges.

• Vegan • Ammonia Free • PPD-free • Cruelty Free

Woman with a red vivid colour

Prior to booking in for a vivid colour, please contact us to arrange a time to come in for a free consultation to discuss what you are wanting to achieve. After your consultation, we can make a booking with you, tailored to your individual needs.

We cannot guarantee how long your colour will last. It may only be 3-4 weeks, depending on numerous factors. Some colours may last longer in your hair than others, while others are more prone to fading faster. Some colours (such as greens and blues) can also be quite difficult to remove.

To maintain your vivid colour at home, we highly recommend our high quality SLS-free shampoos and conditioners available in-salon, as these will be the best protection for your colour. Wash your hair in cold water and try to limit your washing to once a week; a good quality dry shampoo can help extend your washes out! By doing this, you will get more longevity out of your colour.

Woman in a black dress colored with a vibrant red and orange hair dye


Vivid Ombre $199 $259 $279 $329
Includes up to 15 foils or freehand balayage, up to 3 vivid tones, and blow dry finish.

Vivid Ambition $270 $290 $310 $330
Includes a full head powder lightener, up to 3 vivid tones, and blow dry finish.

Vivid Refresh $199 $259 $279 $329
Includes a regrowth* scalp powder lightener, up to 3 vivid tones, and blow dry finish.
*Maximum 5 weeks regrowth.

Add on an express trim to any vivid package $55
Add a rainbow panel to any vivid package $95 per panel

Be beautiful with a total health-conscious choice of products!

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