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Signature Massage

Enjoy a stimulating massage to relieve tension, hot towels and moisturiser to pamper & revitalize the senses.
  • Neck, Back & Shoulders
    $ 55
    30 Minutes
  • Full Body
    $ 80
    90 Minutes
Juwel Crystal Massage
This unique concept combines the power of touch through massage with the effects of acupressure and crystal energies - making treatments more relaxing, more effective.
  • 30 Minutes
    $ 55
  • 45 Minutes
    $ 70
  • 60 Minutes
    $ 85

Body Wrapping

Thermic warming treatment, designed to detox, hydrate and smooth the skin all over. Also great for relaxation of the mind and body. To begin the process a 30 minute warm up in the Vibrosaun followed by wrap up in warm marine mud to draw out impurities.
  • Allow For 80 Minutes
    $ 99


A gentle vibrating bed with a dry sauna heat circulating throughout the self-contained unit. The combination of the two increases heart and pulse rate, the blood flow and intake of oxygen, which naturally speeds up the body’s processed. Relaxation music helps you relax your mind and muscles, which in turn improves your circulation.

The Vibrosaun helps with weight loss, back aches, cellulite, arthritis relief, stress and insomnia, sport injuries and muscle aches and pains. The body cells use oxygen to burn up carbohydrates, (such as starch) and, in turn, fat cells.

  • One session
    $ 29
    45 Minutes



Applebom Treat

  • Approximately 90 minutes
    $ 130
    30 minute facial, blow dry or GHD styling, 30 minute express makeup

Applebom Temptation

  • Approximately 120 minutes
    $ 180
    30 minute facial, blow dry or GHD styling, 30 minute express makeup

Applebom Chill Out

  • Approximately 150 minutes
    $ 230
    30 minute massage, 30 minute facial, special occasion hair and makeup


  • Leg area
    $ 299
  • Stomach area
    $ 249

Treatment includes:

  • Consultation with a trained therapist
  • Lipo laser - to soften the fat cell membrane
  • Cavitation - to break down fat
  • Radio frequency - to firm and strengthen the skin
  • Vacuum - to move toxins and lymph fluid
  • Vibrosaun - to remove toxins, simulate exercise, tone muscles

What is Vibro-Cav?

Vibro-Cav is a combination of 2 therapy treatments, Cavitation including lipo laser & Radio frequency that painlessly and safely targets fat reduction to reshape and contour your body, follow by the Vibrosaun for detoxifying. Love handles, muffin tops – you name it Vibro -Cav can treat stubborn trouble spots thighs, buttocks, stomach, calves, knees, arms and hips.

How does it work?

Vibro-Cav targets fat in specific problem areas. Laser pads are positioned on the target area such as upper arms, abdomen or thighs. This is a big advantage over diet and exercise which can reduce overall body fat but not shape individual areas.

Vibro-Cav gives fast results with improvements showing immediately after the first treatment and over the course of treatments. It is ideal for someone who has made a decision to improve their overall diet and exercise regime, or has struggled to get results from a particular area despite regular exercise and healthy eating.

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