Stepping Out Winter Glamour Runway Applebom Beauty, Hair & Wellbeing

Stepping Out Winter Glamour Runway

The Applebom Team were thrilled to be the Hair & Makeup Directors for the Second Year of the Stepping Out Winter Glamour Runway. 

Held at Rumours International it was a fantastic excuse to dress up in lush faux furs, add a sparkle of jewellery and don those on-trend boots to step out in style and view a night of fashion and fun in support of St Andrew’s Hospital, Cancer Care – Toowoomba.


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Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo Applebom Beauty, Hair & Wellbeing

Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo

Competitions take a lot of preparation & determination. This year, three hair & beauty professionals from Toowoomba’s Applebom Hair Beauty & Wellbeing competed in different categories at the Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo, taking away some of the biggest awards & smashing personal goals.

Debbie Schwenderling has slowly been building her confidence with local competition work and decided the next step was to compete live. “Last year was my first experience at the BHBE and I won second place, so the next goal was to compete again this year and strive for first place.”

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Fringe Benefits Applebom Beauty, Hair & Wellbeing

Fringe Benefits

If you’ve been thinking about having a fringe incorporated into your hairstyle, there really is no better time to take the plunge. There are so many different ways to wear a fringe. Let’s explore the possibilities, see why the fringe is such a great element of a haircut, and some important things to think about before having the chop….

A Fringe Is As Good As A Holiday

Everyone loves a change, and many people change their hair cut or colour at the change of the season. If you are not prepared to try a new colour, or don’t want to chop length off your long hair or have a complete style change.

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Grey Hair Can Be Pure Gold Applebom Beauty, Hair & Wellbeing

Grey Hair Can Be Pure Gold

Grey hair can look stunning. Just because you have grey hair doesn’t automatically mean that you are unfashionable or your hair will look ugly. But you do need a killer cut. At Applebom Beauty Hair & Wellbeing we’ll create colour and style that will look great for you, taking into consideration your hair type, lifestyle and sense of personal style. Thats why we understand that for those experiencing greying – there needs to be an individually tailored approach. Read on to find out the many options on how to wear grey hair fabulously…

How Does Grey Hair Start Grey hair becomes visible when our hair follicles begin to produce less pigment cells which contain melanin. Pigment cells continuously produce melanin, colouring the hair strand.

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How does Menopause affect the skin? Applebom Beauty, Hair & Wellbeing

How does Menopause affect the skin?

Menopause is an incredibly complicated process all women endure as they reach middle age. For some, symptoms appear to be a mere end to the monthly cycle, for others, it is a difficult process that can last for a few years. Menopause not only affects the internal body but has dramatic affects on the skin as well. The hormonal changes that occur during and after menopause tend to change the skin's physiology in new and different ways.

Oestrogen stimulates fat deposits over the female body and as estrogen levels drop during menopause the result can be a loss of supportive fat below the face neck hands and arms which allow wrinkles to appear. It can also result in brown age spots appearing on the hands face arms and neck.

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July 28th, 2015 INTRODUCING COLOMBRE Applebom Beauty, Hair & Wellbeing


It seems every week the internet is fusing two existing looks into an entirely new trend. This week ‘Colombré’ – that’s colour plus ombré, if that wasn’t already obvious – is the talk of the online town, jumping off the pages of Instagram and into your salon, stat.

This new take on rainbow hair is courtesy of Hollywood colourist Danny Moon, styling for Pravana, the colour brand who previously brought you the alluring Sand Art hair look. The Colombré trend is centred on the ombré effect utilising rainbow tones, meaning instead of lightening the bottom of your clients’ strands to blonde or a softer brunette – think teal or lilac instead.

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