Skin Analysis

A Skin Analysis Consultation is mandatory before we can perform a Medical Grade Professional Peel, Radio Frequency, High Frequency or Galvanic Treatment.

The consultation includes an analysis of your skin type utilising Dino-Lite a digital microscope, allowing magnification of the skin, showing us oil flow, hydration, pigmentation, congestion and ageing in the skin. With this information a customised program will be developed to suit you.

A set of medical treatment products

Medi Facials

SOTHYS...The effectiveness of Sothys treatments is based on the synergy between sophisticated treatments provided in the salon and daily care at home to prolong effect.

Signature Facial - $89

A classic French Facial, one of life’s little pleasures and an ideal place to start your skin journey.

RF Skin Tightening - $129

Improve collagen, smooth fine lines, lift, tone and tighten your skin with our new and innovative treatment. Using advanced radio frequency technology, an electromagnetic wave warms the dermal tissue and contributes to the rise in collagen and elastin production. The use of radio frequency helps to restore tension to the face and reduce skin slackening.

A course of 10 treatments is recommended once a week. POA

Sothys It Seasonal Facial - $139

A breath of fresh air for your skin. With a theme from nature that changes regularly to reflect the seasonal needs of the skin.

Sothys It Hydra 3 Facial - $159

This innovative treatment features exclusive and patented ingredients, regenerating the skin for immediate and long-lasting hydration. The skin is intensely hydrated, elasticity is supported, and the skin’s youth is preserved.

Sothys It Pro Youth Facial - $159

Over an hour of targeted treatment to combat the signs of ageing: wrinkles and slackened skin. An ultra-sophisticated program formulated around firmness and smoothing of fine lines. A dynamic result delivering visibly younger looking skin.

Sothys Clinical Peels

Cosmeceutique Rx Glysalic Peel - $190

(Includes Home Recovery Care)
Level 1 Intensive peel for instant radiance. Refines skin texture and clarifies the complexion.

Cosmeceutique Rx Lactic Peel - $190

(Includes Home Recovery Care)
Level 2 high potency lactic peel for mature or dehydrated skins. Resurface superficial wrinkles and lines, even skin tone and texture. Stimulate cell rejuvenation and natural collagen production.

Cosmeceutique Sa Salicylic Peel - $190

(Includes Home Recovery Care)
Level 2 high potency peel ideal for acne prone, thickened or photo damaged skins. Unclog oil-congested skin, refine open pores and brighten skin tone. Requires level 1 peel first to prepare the skin.

Peel Program – POA

Our peels are most effective when delivered as a package of 6 treatments, administered every 2 weeks.

Acne Medi Treatments

Skin B Clear - Mature - $105

Skin B Clear - Teen - $85

Skin B Clear's treatment includes GALVANIC FREQUENCY, designed to eliminate bacterium that contributes to breakouts. The process alters the oil within the pores, creating 'saponification'. It liquefies and draws out the oil/blackheads giving your skin the deepest clean. This treatment has no down time and is suitable for teenagers and adults. It can also be applied for back acne.

Skin B Clear is most effective when delivered as a package of 6 treatments, administered every 2 weeks.

Home Care

Next Generation Acne Control Skin Wellness System.

Skin B Clear’s unique and effective 4-step system begins with oral supplements – a critical first step to getting your acne under control.

*Prices may be subject to change without notice.

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