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Deva/Rezo/Dry Cutting

Deva Curl designed for all natural textures of hair.

Wavy, Curly or
Afro Hair

Deva or Rezo & Curly cuts are revolutionary dry-cutting techniques, designed for all natural textures, to bring out the best in your curl.

Debbie & Jacqueline have specialised in textured hair for over 5 years and trained with the best.

  • Rumbie & Co | Afro Certified
  • Nubia Suarez | Rezo cut Certified
  • Amanda Rickman | Curly Cut Certified
  • Clever Curl | Curly Certified | Afro Certified

How to Prepare for Your Deva Curl Cutting Appointment

This is a dry cut, so you will need to arrive at Salon with your hair cleansed, conditioned, 100% dry, detangled, in its natural curly state (un-styled, no ponytails, braids, clips, flat irons, blow dry), with minimal product. (Product can be used in hair, so long as the hair isn't tacky or sticky and fingers can easily work through it.)

To help develop your best natural curl stop using products with sulphates or heavy oils before your booking. If Detangling exceeds 15 minutes, a $40 fee will be charged. If you are Transitioning, Please Call or Email the salon for a consultation prior to booking your appointment to see if a Deva Cut will be right for you.

Dry Cutting | Devacut | Rezo Cut

*Prices may be subject to change without notice.

New Guest Deva/Rezo Cut

Includes Deva Curl Transformation, Consultation, Curly Cut, Wash and Style with Hair Master or Diffuser by our Curly Hair Specialist. A curl coaching session and personalized Deva Curl product guide that makes it easy to maintain your style at home. 90 mins
$145 | $165 | $185 | $205

Returning Guest Deva/Rezo Cut

Consultation, Curly Cut, Wash and Style by our Curly Hair Specialist.

This service is for curly clients who have received a full Devacut in the past 4 months, who are wanting to stay on top of their shape. 60 mins


Deva/Rezo cut 8 - 12 y.o

60mins Cut & coaching only

Deva/Rezo cut under 8 y.o

45mins Cut & coaching only
(No Cut) $95

Hydration Treatment

A deep cleanse, followed with a protein & moisture treatment for hydration and strength. Relaxing heat infusion and hood drying or diffuse finish. Does NOT include haircut

Professionalism at its finest with the hands of our passionate team.