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Ammonia-free for over two decades giving clients and stylists the cleanest, healthiest colour experience. The next generation in colour, CØR because colours is the core of our brand and our unbreakable commitment to zero Ammonia, PPD and Resorcinol.

Colour & Blonde Packages

A woman with brown hair and blonde streaks facing backwards

Sun Kissed Highlights
Medium-Long $195 

A great introduction to hair colour and they work for all colour hues.

1/4 Hd Foils/Toner, Cor Restore, Cut/Style
A woman with curly red hair, close up

Global Colour
Medium-Long $175

Liven up your hair with the latest fashion shades

Demi/Tint, Cor Restore, Cut & Styling
A woman with reddish brown hair and blonde streaks facing sideways

Hide & Seek
Medium-Long $235

Perfect to camouflage those sneaky greys or adding multi-tonal hues.

Demi/Tint, Dozen Foils, Cor Restore, Cut/Style
A woman with long wavy blonde hair facing backwards

Foil Me Blonde
Medium-Long $235

Your spin on the ultimate blonde! Vanilla, Ash, Silver, Beige, Natural.

Half Head Foils, Toner
Cor Restore, Cut and Styling.
 Upgrade to Full Head Foils from $55
A woman with short platinum blonde hair dye facing backwards

Blonde Ambition 
Medium-Long $241.50

We know you do love that statement full blonde look!

On Scalp Regrowth Lightening, Toner,
Cor Restore, Cut and Styling
Add-on Full Head Lightening from $55
A woman with brown curly hair tips, facing backwards

Natural Balayage
Medium-Long $235

So you're super cool and want that effortless look.

Balayage Toner
Cor Restore and Styling
Add-on Root Stretch Colour from $55

Retexturising/Smoothing Treatments

A before and after result of using bHave Smoothe Keratin Therapy

bHave Smoothe Keratin Theraphy
From Medium from $485.00

Book in for your free consultation and quote.

bHave Smoothe is NOT a straightening treatment and unlike other straightening services, does not restructure the hair. 
As a result, hair looks more natural with body, movement and manageability. bHave smoothe can last 4-5 months depending on your hair and Home Care Treatment

For more information & FAQ's go to
A before and after result of using Opti-Smooth

Medium from $585.00 

Book in for your free consultation and quote.

Opti-Smooth is a specialist in-salon, permanent straightening system in 3 custom strengths normal, resistant or sensitised hair.
Using both chemicals and heat Opti-Smooth straightening is a smoothing & conditioning treatment that promotes  permanently straightened hair.
However, new hair will grow through and depending on the texture, we recommend touching up your treatment every 6 - 8 months.

Welcome Curly Girls

Whether you have wavy, curly, or kinky hair, as Deva Curl Inspired Stylists, we teach curls how to play nice.

Deva Curl is a revolutionary dry-cutting technique, designed for all natural textures, from wavy to super curly. We take the time to understand exactly how your hair behaves and how to bring the best out of your natural shape, then your hair is sculpted curl-by-curl while in its dry, natural state.

Your curls are beautiful and unique, and they deserve an individual and tailored approach. No two curls are the same, and we treat them that way

How to Prepare for Your Deva Curl Cutting Appointment

This is a dry cut, so you will need to arrive at Salon with your hair cleansed, conditioned, 100% dry, detangled, in its natural curly state (un-styled, no ponytails, braids, clips, flat irons, blow dry), with minimal product. (Product can be used in hair, so long as the hair isn't tacky or sticky and fingers can easily work through it.)

To help develop your best natural curl stop using products with sulphates or heavy oils before your booking. If Detangling exceeds 15 minutes, a $40 fee will be charged. If you are Transitioning, Please Call or Email the salon for a consultation prior to booking your appointment to see if a Deva Cut will be right for you.

How Much Does a Deva Curl Cut Cost?

Since our investment to further our training in the specialist field of Deva Curl Cuts, we have realised that we need to spread the Deva Cut appointments to 90 minutes to ensure that we give curly clients the full Deva Curl Cutting experience.

New Guest Devacut

Includes Deva Curl Transformation, Consultation, Curly Cut, Wash and Style with Hair Master or Diffuser by our Curly Hair Specialist. A curl coaching session and personalized Deva Curl product guide that makes it easy to maintain your style at home. 90 mins

Returning Guest Devacut

Consultation, Curly Cut, Wash and Style with Hair Master or Diffuser by our Curly Hair Specialist.

This service is for curly clients who have received a full Devacut in the past 4 months, who are wanting to stay on top of their shape. 60 mins

Steam Hydration (No Cut)

A deep cleanse, followed with a Cor Restore treatment for protein, moisture & strength. Steam Hydration and Hood Drying or Diffusing. Does NOT include a Cut.

Curly Consultation

Not sure if you are ready to take the plunge to embrace your curls? Not sure if you even have curls Not sure you are ready to invest this much time and money into your hair…let’s talk about it!

Book a complimentary 30-minute consultation. Discuss your challenges when it comes to your curls and let’s begin our game planning. This is your time to express all your concerns. We look forward to meeting you and helping you to Come Over to the Curly Side & Love Your Hair...


Colour & Foils

Tint/Demi, Full Head Colour Balance & Blow Dry

  • Short
    $ 100
  • Medium
    $ 115.50
  • Long
    $ 131.50

Foiling Full Head, Toner & Blow Dry

  • Short
    $ 163
  • Medium
    $ 178
  • Long
    $ 194.50

Foiling 1/2 Head, Toner & Blow Dry

  • Short
    $ 147
  • Medium
    $ 184
  • Long
    $ 205

Foiling 1/4 Head, Toner & Blow Dry

  • Short
    $ 115.50
  • Medium
    $ 137
  • Long
    $ 157.50


  • Up Style
    from $ 99

Shampoo & Blow Dry
  • Short
    $ 44.50
  • Medium
    $ 52.50
  • Long
    $ 63

Thermal Curls
  • Short
    $ 63
  • Medium
    $ 73.50
  • Long
    $ 84

Ladies Hair Cut

Style Cut, Shampoo & Dry
  • Short
    $ 75
  • Medium
    $ 81
  • Long
    $ 87

Men's Haircut

  • Cut/Shampoo/Style
    $ 37
  • Beard Trim
    $ 10.50


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